Digital Design & Development


Grow Your Small Business’s Revenue

Today, the world’s most successful organizations invest millions of dollars in refining their sales processes and applying technology to drive top-line growth. SME’s don’t have unlimited resources to invest but their requirements to stay competitive remain the same. Revenue Lab aims to bridge the gap by bringing best-of-breed practices and technologies to small businesses minus the bureaucracy and the cost.



We Are in the Business of Working with People.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the very highest quality in staffing services. Whether the needs are for permanent, temp-to-hire, contract, or temporary staffing services, we are ready to serve!



Landry Commercial Medical offers a wide range of commercial real estate services.

Our mission is simple. We want to create inviting spaces for healing and success. Be your trusted advisor. Incorporate a village of stakeholders to promote thriving communities. Produce environments that are leading edge.



It’s All About People at Step Ahead

Our purpose is to help and empower people to improve their lives. We work across sectors to match people and jobs, combining expertise in recruitment, employability and training.




Meaningful marketing for sellers with standards.

Whether you’re a new seller on Amazon or a veteran with numerous stores, Liazon Marketing works tirelessly to develop and implement a plan specifically to increase your Amazon sales.



#1 Trusted Resource for Accounting & Finance Talent

We deliver exceptional accounting & financial professionals to our clients. Accountants One has over 40 years of serving the accounting and finance community with top talent.



User Experiences that Motivate Intent.

We build beautiful websites, designed to increase conversions and tell your story. Our web development team will help take your website from a dream to reality by creating a beautiful, custom website that will enhance your online presence.



Design & Print Custom T-Shirts and Totes.

Papillon Ink is a division of Papillon Marketplace, which has been creating jobs in Haiti for nearly a decade. Your custom t-shirt order directly supports Papillon’s mission: “Orphan Prevention Through Job Creation”.



Hire the Right Person Every Time

Based on author Dan Erling’s experience with best practices from over a thousand companies, MATCH gives you a rock-solid, practical process for hiring. Dan Erling is president and CEO of Accountants One, a recruiting firm dedicated to attracting, hiring, and retaining the best in Accounting and Financial Talent.


Employee Wellness & Drug Testing.

Business owners are losing over $100 Billion per year due to substance abuse in the workplace. FYI Testing offers comprehensive solutions for employee and workforce screenings.





1920’s Speakeasy – Membership Club.

Red Phone Booth is a prohibition experience featuring an exclusive cigar program and a turn-of-the-century craft cocktail selection.





Know to Grow.

Our programs are designed to empower your team by providing the tools and training needed for ultimate success. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.




Plant. Grow. Sustain.

Nearly 870 million people live with hunger on a daily basis – that is about 1 in every 8 people. This is both a global and domestic concern. These people suffer from lack of both quality and quantity of food. Of those nearly 870 million hungry people, approximately 850 million are in developing countries while the remainder live in developed countries like the United States.



Don’t limit your challenge – Challenge your limits.

High energy, unapologetic dance fitness. Full-range powerful movements will maximize your burn while the music leaves you feeling motivated!

Burn 700-1000 calories/hour.
This is real cardio!


High Quality, Consistent and Affordable Professional Cleaning for Real Estate Businesses

Professional Cleaning Services. We provide professional turn-key cleaning for single-family rental, new construction or short-term rental clients.


Every time you order from Papillon Marketplace, you help provide the opportunity of a lifetime for mothers and fathers in Haiti.

We tell the story of mothers and fathers in Haiti. We are offering a solution to the orphan crisis in Haiti by providing training and sustainable jobs for parents in need. 




If female farmers had the same opportunities as men, hunger would reduce by 150 MILLION people?

Studies show that women are the backbone of the rural economy, especially in developing nations. They are usually the primary caregivers providing food and nutrition to their families and communities. We created the SHE initiative to gift women the education and supplies that she needs to start her own sustainable (and organic!) garden.




Professional Wardrobe Stylist

As a “Style Me” member, you always have a professional wardrobe stylist and design director at your fingertips.


Jericho Bulaun

Freedom from what’s holding you back.

Knowing who you are and allowing yourself to be, is the real freedom that we all crave. Freedom from expectations, opinions, repeating circumstances, damaging behaviours, old habits and everything else we are held back by. This is my offering to the world. An opportunity for Inner Freedom – to reach our full potential and achieve personal success.




24-hour monitoring for homes and businesses with immediate response from law enforcement.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home or business now! According to the FBI, a violent crime is committed every 24.6 seconds and a property crime every 4.1 seconds. As a home or business owner, these numbers are equal parts alarming and eye-opening. In order to properly protect you, your loved ones, employees, and your investments from criminal activity, it’s imperative to have a sophisticated surveillance system in place.




We pride ourselves on truly caring about your events’ vision and individual needs.

Our clientele is very diversified ranging from special occasion social engagements, fundraising galas, corporate functions and private events. Endive is a full-service catering company offering food, non-alcoholic bar setups, a full range of event rental items and event staffing.